About Us

Ellen Shapiro 

In 1978, Ellen Shapiro and Barry Samuels leased an empty storefront in the middle of Woodstock, NY. They renovated the store with the help of legendary book publisher Betty Ballantine. A truck-load of books was purchased from a distributor in New York City, put on the shelves in Woodstock and a bookstore was born. The store thrived for many years, but as the indie bookstore world began to change, due to the influence of big box stores and Amazon, The Golden Notebook began to feel it, too. Ellen and Barry decided it was time to do something else, and had some trouble finding a buyer. In the fall of 2010, just as the store was about to close it's doors for good, Jackie Kellachan and Paul McMenemy stepped in at the last hour and purchased the store, in their commitment to keeping an indie bookstore alive, and thriving in Woodstock! In 2013, the Golden Notebook continues to be an independent bookstore in the original space. In a town full of writers, artists, musicians and iconoclastic ne’er-do-wells the emphasis is on quality literature. Stop by the store! Our engaged and experienced staff will share their hands-on knowledge and help you find the books you want and the books you need.  On the beach in Goa? On the N train in Brooklyn? We are here for you online as well. We have lots of books to recommend and we will ship anywhere. eBooks too. In the meantime check out our events, plan your next visit to Woodstock and come visit a real, live bookstore!